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World piece


Heavy and Dynamic Chinese Cymbals and Percussion open up for and carry an Arabian Woman’s Beautiful and Wholehearted Very Dance-Like Song about Spirituality and Love - joined by Orchestral and Ethnic Instruments in Harmonious Concert Raising the song and our spirits To New Heights Ending With Bliss. Very Eclectic and Epic at the Same Time.




Actually a dance track with a pulsating beat, but with a soft distorted synth guitar, harmonious breaks andcascading piano melodies. Many hooks, sometimes from the synth, sometimes from the piano, then again by the hendrix-like guitars.


Bach and forth


A chase... Lovely and harmonious blend of classical and electro... Acoustic piano line contrasted by brass and French horn lines open up into woodwind lines and the percussive mallets go to town... the orchestra bursts back with answering riffs


Phantom (Mix)


This phantom has slit eyes and moves like a cat through the night, casually intoned, sparingly orchestrated, so a tight, harmonious atmosphere is created with a melodramatic structure, chilling allowed


Chinese Heartbeat


Opens with a stormy hurricane-like effect that sets off a serene heart pulse Chinese gong beat and a melancholic Erhu and violin theme carried along by timpani and clarinet to a very soft and fragile peak achieved by a faint Madison Square Garden crowd choir...a crying out for something or someone - or for celebration... with hope and belief inserted and inspired by a confident and courageous flute... all ending in a harmonious concert of new hope and peace




Mixture of western and oriental instruments and musical styles... Really smooth and moody melody full of details with a lovely flow... transports the listener to far away lands, where harmonious sounds swim hand in hand in the current of the melody.

21 tracks, not registered with a PRO
9 tracks, registered with a PRO
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