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shove it


Intense & powerfully driving melodic rock track where lead guitar plays the part of the lead vocal a la Satriani. Also reminiscent of Foo Fighters' style post-punk attitude. Would suit action/sports/thriller projects.

Neu dabei seit: 01.12.2014

A melodic operatic soprano swoops and glides over reflective orchestration in this enlightening & heart felt aria. Evoking the reminiscence of sad and moving tragedy or the wonderment of spiritual beauty. The piece builds from a single voice into a choir of angelic beauty for a climactic ending. Matched in style and character to the Michael Stephen Decker track, Celtic Requiem.

Neu dabei seit: 01.12.2014

A witty, bouncy uptempo orchestral overture with twittering flutes, brassy horns and pizzicato cellos. A variety of happy and sad cues make it highly suitable for use with a humorous commercial/infomercial narrative. Reminiscent of post war comedies and Aardman Animation. Or the post irony of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Danny Elfman style film scores.


Rebild Hills Suite


Starwars-Like Main Theme carried along on Marching Snare Drums driven by Twirling and Energetic Strings developing into a Gustav Holst-like Suite reminiscent of his masterpiece "The Planets"... Majestic and Threatening - Huge and Epic - Very Cinematic.




Imagine a bank heist somewhere on the streets of Rio. Has a very Brazilian flavour to it with lots of salsa rhythms. Also possesses a degree of drama and suspense. The end section has guitar riffs that build and build to the final no holds barred riff-out! Contains electric piano, organ, synths, bass, drum kit, xylophone and some e. guitar quite reminiscent of Carlos Beck.




Sinister, disturbing track full of malevolence and high tension. Trancey bass and drums begin to creep towards you with evil intent....and just when you think they have shown you mercy, they pounce and devour you. Reminiscent of Massive Attack. Contains, guitars, synths, bass and drums.




Powerful, intense, weighty, driven, determined riff rocker. slightly reminiscent of rage against the machine in it's groovy monster riffness. has a very tension-filled, soaring guitar solo towards the end. big guitars mix with huge drum grooves to make music that would suit sports/thriller/action projects




Irresistibly funky guitar based tune that makes your head nod and your foot tap. Big grooves, pimped-out feel and phat riffs combine with spacey chords and hard driving choruses. Slightly reminiscent of Satriani and Nuno Bettencourt in feel. Contains guitars, bass and drums.


written in stone


A cool classical-style piano intro brings in walls of guitars. Very intense and powerful track with lots of distorted riffs and leads. Very slightly reminiscent of Muse but more metal than Indie. Contains, piano, guitars, drums,bass and vocal lines.




Slow, emotive guitar piece that develops and intensifies as it goes along it's journey. Wistful piano chords and soft strings lay a foundation as a lone clean guitar plays simple lamenting melodies that gradually build. Reminiscent of Beck,Satriani in parts.

3 tracks, not registered with a PRO
29 tracks, registered with a PRO
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