Heavily Armed Forces


Waveform will be available soon!

Cinemascope soundtrack, epic as it must be

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96,30 EUR - Standard

  • for most commercial uses
  • territory: worldwide
  • time frame: in perpetuity / unlimited
  • for product videos in online shops (tutorials), Websites
  • internet video (YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Vimeo etc) except advertising corporate video/presentation
  • image movies, Corporate TV, IPTV Broadcast
  • On Hold, trade shows, corporate podcasts
  • student films and similar
  • up to 1000 copies/physical units (CD/DVD/USB stick etc.)
  • and every use, except the following:

    re-licensing/reselling, computer games, online advertising campaigns (e.g. pre-roll), monetization and commercial-spots on radio, cinema or TV, product advertising microsites

228,98 EUR - Online Advertising

  • Online usage in one advertising spot/trailer on webpages of the licensee
  • main websites, product microsites and video platforms (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion...) included
  • streaming worldwide, no territorial restrictions
  • one language version
  • streaming at trade fairs, events, presentations
  • time frame: in perpetuity / unlimited

214,00 EUR - Reproduction 5.000

  • mechanical mass-reproduction upgrade
  • standard license included
  • up to 5,000 copies/ physical units (cd, dvd, usb)

428,00 EUR - Reproduction 10.000

  • standard license including manufacturing rights
  • up to 10,000 copies/units (cd, dvd, usb)

214,00 EUR - Advertising- Radio and Cinema

  • for one commercial (Radio,Cinema, Point of Sale)
  • unlimited broadcasts
  • valid for one year

10,70 EUR - TV-Broadcast

  • ONLY for the use of a work for TV-Broadcast and TV-Commissioned Productions AND ONLY for Royalty Collecting Society (e.g. ASCAP, PRS, SIAE, GEMA, STEMRA, etc.) licensed TV stations!
  • Online usage for IPTV & VOD is included
  • It is required to submit a Cue-Sheet (!) to the TV-station AND Proud Music

963,00 EUR - Advertising (TV)

  • for a national television commercial spot
  • no length restrictions
  • unlimited number of broadcasts
  • independent of broadcast medium: Terrestrial, Cable or Satellite
  • License valid: 1 year
  • Cross media e.g. Radio, Cinema or Internet adverts and reminder spot licenses are available on individual request

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(e.g. regional advertising, advertising campaigns, mass-replication),
please get in touch with us for a quote!

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Waveform will be available soon!

Heavily Armed Forces
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Waveform will be available soon!

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