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Guitar Flowers


Acoustic music with live acoustic guitars, bass, brush drums and shaker. It has a very lovely melody played by acoustic picked guitar. Excellent for corporate usage, business, web, internet, flash project, family album, TV, commercial. Positive, fun, groovy and even a little bit childish.




Cool, ultra-melodic, highway cruising guitar tune. Soft hypnotic clean guitar lines & plucked santoor mix with catchy and tuneful lead parts. Intense & emotional.


The Big Crush


Somewhat dirty, gritty, grinding Big Beat track with a determined, hard slamming downtempo beat and nasty guitar + synth riffing. Good for action scenes, chase scenes, high impact sports, fighting / brawling, mech warfare, high tech weaponry, grit and determination.


Behind the Wheel


A fast-paced adrenaline pumping pop-rock soundtrack with pulsing electric guitars, energetic bass riffs, fiery acoustic guitar lines and percolating drumbeats and fills. Good for car commercials or any edgy and exciting action driven media project.


Alto Leaps


Improvised be-bop track featuring just alto sax and light drum accompaniment. The sax lines leap up and down in a cascade of phrases producing a sense of rushing and struggling against a current in this lively track.


Butterfly Fun


Fun background music with a swing retro feel. Played by melodic acoustic piano, live bass, groovy brush drums and uplifting shaker. Great for children project, family album, video game, flash animation or anything corporate which needs retro music on the one hand and modern funny tune on the other.

Melodischer Elektro-Rock mit Elementen aus Science Fiction, Progressive Rock und Ambient Elektro. Leadgitarren, epische Pads, analoge Synthie-Sequenzen. Neben vielen anderen Elementen gibt ein langes und fließendes Intro, und ein Gitarren-Solo das an Alan Holdsworth oder Alex Lifeson (Rush) errinnert. Ein außergewöhnlicher Track, schwer zu beschreiben, aber als eine Rock beeinflußte Tangerine Dream Nummer oder ein härterer Vangelis? Wir empfehlen diesen Track in seiner gesamten Länge anzuhören.


Out Of Luck


Jazz quartet performs fluently on this cool blues. The bass line is intriguing and seductive, then the piano meanders with a charming improvised solo. Features piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, drums with brushes.


Are You With Me


Zart und einschmeichelnde Latin-Ballade. Akustische Gitarre, dezentes Klavier, Besendrums. Romantisch, leicht und liebevoll. Gut geeignet für Reisetrailer, Romantik, Hochzeiten, besondere Errinnerungen. Exotisch und attraktiv.

35 Gemafreie Musiktitel
188 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1           von 9