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Casino Funk


Classic 1960's, 1970's style funk-rock with a slick, modern sound. Funky bass line, Hammond organ. Fun and excitement, casinos and gambling, game shows, showtime. Jazzy and upbeat, exciting, Las Vegas. A little bit mischievous, cheeky. Takes on a more bluesy rock feel towards the end, with a blues guitar.


Disco Times


A short disco track with a solid 1970's or early 80's flavor. Great for commercials, fashion or any chic retro material. Available as 20-seconds, 12-seconds or a seamless music loop.

Vocal pop / soul / RnB that has a certain 1960's-1970's sound but really is also very much up to date and could just as well be a radio hit today. Very bouncy and joyful with a super catchy chorus. Think Motown meets today's feelgood pop acts and boy bands. Features a real live brass section! Also available as an Instrumental track.

Dieser positive Indie Rock Track klingt nach Sommer und guter Laune. Hat ein leichtes 70s-Flair und überzeugt mit organischen Drums, melodischen Gitarren und Bass sowie einer hohen Eingängigkeit. Somit perfekt für Filme und Werbung, in denen es um Abenteuer, Jugend und Spaß geht.


Funky Town


A cool track with elements of funk, disco, pop and R&B. Suitably retro, funky synth links with acoustic drums, bass and guitars. Works great both in a 1970's retro setting, and with any modern pop culture media, fashion, etc.

36 Gemafreie Musiktitel
103 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1        von 6