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Casino Funk


Classic 1960's, 1970's style funk-rock with a slick, modern sound. Funky bass line, Hammond organ. Fun and excitement, casinos and gambling, game shows, showtime. Jazzy and upbeat, exciting, Las Vegas. A little bit mischievous, cheeky. Takes on a more bluesy rock feel towards the end, with a blues guitar.


Ocean Boulevard


An upbeat, funky blues-rock track with a lively, infectious groove that oozes a cool retro vibe. With gritty guitars, bluesy piano riffs, hot organ licks, melodic bass and drums. Great for heist movies, crime shows, action thriller dramas and more.




Ein glatter und leichter Cool Jazz Instrumental Upbeat mit einem sanften und freundlichen Atmosphäre. Geeignet für Telefonwarteschleifen, Fahrstuhlmusik, Lifestyle, Wetter, Reisen und vieles mehr.


Hands Up


Positive feel tune with club drums and synthesizers. Great quality track that resembles top electronic artists. Positive melody changes up to a dirty dubstep drop with a gritty distorted bass. Final drop hits a clean four to the floor beat that will please any clubber. Good for club scenes, dance scenes, car commercials and more.

142 Gemafreie Musiktitel
279 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1             >] von 17