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A soundtrack that builds from deep anticipation into filtered drums, scattered instrumentation and an uneasy, thrilling sensation of discovery. Top & tailed with twisted, eerie strings giving a climactic feeling of  fear & forbodding. similar in style to US & Scandanavian TV crime drama scores or science & technology documentaries.


Move Your Body


What sounds at first like a jungle track with a deep tribal sounding counter rhythm to the modern drum track, soon turns into trance anthem with filtered chords that change their sound as they pound away with vigorous energy.

Neu dabei seit: 16.02.2017

Schnittfreudiger, treibender House mit Vocal Shouts, E-Piano, spanischen Gitarren-Breaks, Vinyl Scratch Effekten und experimentellen Filterverläufen. Gut geeignet für Themen wie making of, Bilder und Berichte über das bunte Treiben und die Vielfalt in der Großstadt, Party und Lifestyle.

This contemporary track is full of catchy rock drive, From the upbeat, filtered intro to the machine gun like Rock ending, Good for energetic, violent and powerful media projects, Elements of Brit rock / Alternative rock / Indie Rock / Pulp and Punk-Rock,




a spacious intro leads into a full-on, crushing, powerful, exciting, supercharged, driven, adrenalized rocker with great drama & suspense. wicked, gritty, fiery, dynamic, lively & melodic. would suit extreme sports/action/thriller type projects.

A dark, edgy and gritty, slow but aggressive Dubstep track. Mangled and distorted synthesizers stutter and pump, with a mechanical, robotic, relentless and hard edged beat. Atmospheric, unstable, nasty. Good for hardcore material including scifi, extreme sports, extreme motorsports, conflict and mayhem.

18 Gemafreie Musiktitel
25 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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