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eerie, spacey, haunting,ethereal & unnerving ambient track. would suit horror,mystery projects that require something dark & with a sense of mysterious, ominous foreboding & menace. chilling & spookily edgy. scary, haunted fairground music don't look behind you!


Shape Of Death


A disturbing, percussion-only track. Use of feedback and clanking metal reminescent of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack or some of John Cage's work, but with the added element of dark, ethnic percussion. This fairly short track is great for a thriller, chiller, horror or dark mystery.

A dark, spooky and playfully scary “it’s alive” chamber orchestra piece that conjures up a fun, sneaky, creepy crawly atmosphere. With piercing string jabs, levitating woodwind chords, low slithering strings, mischievous brass and pizzicato strings.


Eerie Comes


Eerie and spooky sounding trip-hop track that mixes ambient sounds and radio messages with theremin and pulsating synths. An un-easy, nervous and sometimes cold feeling is felt through this track.

A procession of fire eaters, freaks and magicians mixed with the monochrome charm of a 1950's science fiction B movie. Mysterious, beautiful & grotesque in equal measures with just a pinch of ironic humour. A great Halloween track. There are two different mixes available: Version A has a "bubbly magic" sound which is not included in Version B.

dark, brooding, foreboding & cinematic rock track. a tense, dramatic intro leads to monster riffs and driven drum beats, powering forward with a great sense of sinister, evil energy. would suit thriller/horror/halloween type projects,



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Dark, menacing, atmospheric, cold, calculated, brooding, moody and threatening track with an air of foreboding. Slow, scary, controlled riffage combines with a steady drum groove as spacey lead guitar floats over the top. Would suit thriller / action / extreme sports / combat type projects. Resistance is useless!

dark, evil, wicked, sinister, unnerving, cinematic, haunting, disturbed soundtrack to impending danger. scary, edgy, bleak, ominous, doomy soundscape for use in horror/halloween/space/crime/murder type projects. run for your life and don't look behind you!

dark, edgy, powerful, tense, trippy, menacing, wicked & towards the end, very heavy track with great foreboding and malice. scary, evil, menacing, crazed & climactic but with simple repetitive melodies. would suit action/horror/thriller/extreme sports projects. don't look behind you. just run!


a millions suns


moody, beautiful, trippy, hypnotic, spacey & sometimes dark & twisted melodic rock track with guitar playing slow, intense, emotive, indolent melodies in place of a lead vocal. very powerful, thought-provoking and intense. suit psychological thriller/horror/cinematic pro

Dark, eerie, beautiful, atmospheric, ethereal piano track with sinister percussive sounds. Slow, thoughtful, brooding, mysterious & unnerving. Would suit dramatic / horror / halloween / cinematic type projects.




Determined, formidable, dark, driven, aggressive & unstoppable rock track with a epic sense of power & foreboding. Grand, gutsy, edgy, gritty, fiery, intense & malevolent. Would suit action / thriller / extreme sports / combat / military type projects.

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Actionlastiges Fledermaus Wettrennen mit heroisch düsterem Orchester Touch und positivem Ende. Enthält zahlreiche musikalische Flug und Cartoon Elemente. Prima einsetzbar für Trailer, Opener und Halloween Grußkarten.

15 Gemafreie Musiktitel
30 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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