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This smooth and soft world-fusion track uses the traditional Indian instrument Sarangi, which is a bit like a violin (although it predates the violin in existence). The traditional role of this instrument is to play in unison with the vocalist, but here the Saranghi has come into its own right, mixed with a downtempo electronica beat, tabla, tamborines and soft pads. A silky smooth, exotic and beautiful world ethnic track, highly suitable for travel, journeys, holidays and vacations in exotic and far-away places. Slightly wistful or sorrowful, but also comforting and hopeful.

Ein langes Stück mit Tablas, die im einzigartigen Fingerstil des Mittleren Ostens gespielt werden. Zusammen mit Sitars, Indischer Reed Flöte und einem arabisch klingendem Drone-Klang. Das Stück entwickelt sich in verschiedenen Stadien von unterschiedlicher Intensität und Thematik.


Jesus Christ


Big Ominous Greek church Choir opens up solemnly singing Jesus Christi, leading in to an Indian Male vocalist paying homage supported by Angelic female choir, Swirling Harp, Strings and a light Ambient Drum pad helping it all to faithfully cruise along in a very mellow way until taking a turn to reach a dramatic end

Eine ungewöhnliche und sehr stimmungsvolle Mischung aus keltischer und irischer Folklore mit indischen, orientalischen und asiatischen Elementen. Tabla Trommeln und Sitar in Kombination mit E-Gitarren, indischen Raga Flöten und keltisch-inspirierten Melodien. Ein wenig eklektisch, verträumt und ätherisch, mit einem Bild von weit entfernten Orten, Mythologie, Reise, Abenteuer und neuen Entdeckungen.


Bidesi Saiyan


A beautiful, traditional Indian love song arranged with a mixture of Indian ethnic instruments and more modern/western elements. Sung by the highly renowned Indian thumri singer Vidya Rao who has been kind enough to work with us on this track. Thumri is a form of Indian singing which originated in the temples where the courtesans of the temples used to sing about lost love. The lyrics in this song can be summarized as a woman singing to a dear friend or lover in a far-away land, singing for him to return to where he belongs. Arranged with tabla, Indian strings and soft pads. There is also an alternative version without the vocals, and yet another version with only the vocals and soft pads, in a more "ambient" setting. Haunting and beautiful.


Ethnic Breackout


Indian voice and synth Sitar mixed with electronic drums and ethinc percussions.Soft midtempo 105bpm,lounge chill-out pop,Strings in background.Pensive,creative and fashion style.Usefull for backgrounds,corporate or for Commercials/TV themes and photography slideshows

An exotic and atmospheric Indian track featuring authentic Sarod (similar to Sitar) and Indian flute over the soft, floating chords. Dreamy and slowly swaying rhythms with table, acoustic bass. Indian wood flute joins in the later parts of the track.


Highland Raga


Ungewöhnliche und sehr atmosphärische Mischung aus keltischen und irischen Folk-Einflüssen mit indischen, orientalischen und asiatischen Elementen. Tablas und Sitar kombiniert mit E-Gitarren, indischen Raga-Flöten und keltischen Melodien. Ein wenig eklektisch, verträumt und ätherisch, mit einem Gefühl von weit entfernten Orten, Mythologie, Reisen, Abenteuer und neuen Entdeckungen.




West Indian Calypso style with Spanish guitars, Hawaiian pedal steel guitar, bass and drums. Happy, swaying and playful, suitable for travel programs, holiday, vacation in Hawaii, caribbean or Pacific Islands etc.

46 Gemafreie Musiktitel
136 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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