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2 Gemafreie Musiktitel
13 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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Take equal measures of electronica and downtempo hip-hop, add a slight element of contemporary african pop, and you end up with this catchy and groovy chillout track featuring hip-hop style drums, electronica style synth arpeggios and African flavored marimbas.


Ang Kahora


Nehmen Sie gleiche Anteile von Elektro-Sounds und langsamen Hip-Hop, fügen Sie ein wenig zeitgemäßen afrikanischen Pop hinzu und heraus kommt dieser eingängige und groovige Chill-Out Track. Zusammen mit typischen Hip-Hop Drums, Synth-Arpeggien und afrikanischen Marimbas.

A fresh, inspiring and uplifting track with elements of Chillout, Electronica and a World, Ethnic slant with faint hints of oriental and african vibes. Uses bright and positive sounds, but also features a wistful undertow with warm marimbas and string pads. Full instrumentation kicks in after 50 secs.


Mellow Marimba


Fast and intricate marimbas provide a rhythmical accompaniment whilst a clarinet melody glides over the top to create an upbeat track that flows along to a steady pace. Music with a light industrial feel, great for background and incidental music.


Tropical Climate


Quietly confident and determined, this track drives along with an understated confidence. Organ, piano rhythm backing allow lively marimbas to dance as bright guitar melodies help move the piece along at a swift pace.


Summer Friends


Its a light-hearted and warm vibe with Summer Friends! Gentle ukes, piano, marimbas and a subtle accordion create a friendly and laid back atmosphere. Great for scenes needing a subtle but warm tone. Nature, docs, lifestyle would all suit this track. Perhaps even a hint of pirates on their day off!

2 Gemafreie Musiktitel
13 (GEMA-Repertoire)