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18 Gemafreie Musiktitel
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Less I Have You


A sweet and charming, somewhat naïve sounding vocal pop ballad, with a sense of simpler times, perhaps going back to the 1950's-1970's with the innocence and genuine hope for a better world. The lyrics are a pretty straightforward love song, and the music is lush, delicate, tasteful and rich with a live string section and live horns.


The Garden Path


Ein süßlich-zartes Solo-Piano Stück. Wenige, aber einfühlsame Noten, wie Regentropfen auf dem Wasser. Sanft und leicht, mit einem naiven und unschuldigen Unterton, sowie einer melancholischen und reflektierenden Seite. Romantische, liebevolle, ruhige und schöne Piano-Musik.


Jumping Jacky


Verspielter, lustiger Song mit positiver Stimmung. Der effektvolle Beat, der hüpfende Synth-Bass und die verspielten Synth-Sequenzen versprühen gute Laune. Eignet sich als Hintergrundmusik bestens für Computerspiele (besonders Jump’n'Run), Cartoons oder Comedy generell.

This enchanting novelty marching tune suggests the magic and intrigue of Eastern European fables and parables. A little bit wonky & off-kilter, Its naive child-like quality suggests a toy military band or images of a hurdy-gurdy or Calliope at a fairytale fairground. Builds from a single instrument into a small ensemble and then lifts by two semitones with an added glockenspiel & solo flute. Quirky / Novelty.




Electro-pop / Synth-pop track with somewhat innocent, naïve feel. Slightly melancholic, but also bright, sparkly and innocent. Good for first love, retro 1980's feel, youth TV series, romance, amazing stories, amazement / night sky, and more.


Teenage Kicks


A somewhat innocent and naïve, up-tempo pop/rock track. Happy and spirited. Good for youth / young people, teens and pre-teens, young adults / lifestyle and commercials. The track feels a little quirky, perhaps a little clumsy, in a disarming, charming way. Great for tonue-in-cheek TV commercials, summer fun, sitcoms and much more.

18 Gemafreie Musiktitel
8 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1    von 2