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54 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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Dreamy Days


A light contemporary pop track with pleasant piano melodies and a soft production. Good for easy days, positive feelings, green values, family and friendships, new beginnings. Hopeful / emotional / mellow / caring.


After Hours


 Dreamy, atmospheric, new age ambient electronic piece. Minimal and meditative. Perfect for star gazing, visions of space, nature, slow drama, romance, and heart wrenching scenes. Moods of serenity, love, loss, memories & hope. Breathing pads/chords. Good for yoga, dreaming, meditation.


Window Raindrops

Neu dabei seit: 13.03.2017

A light ambient track which is hard to pin down. Somewhere between new age, ambient, classical and film-score type background music, this unique track features light piano and a pulsating rhythm. Light, positive, feelgood, and a bit strange. Playful, quaint and modest.

Starts out with terror/nightmare pads/chords to set up the atmosphere. Soon, hybrid/synthetic drums come in for an erotic, supercharged, sinister feeling. Ends up evolving into a sort of new age/ambient electronic piece with a cool under-current groove and Native American Flute calls. Long and unique




XXL-Track, fast 11 Minuten. Ruhig und meditativ, die Basis bildet ein klangvolles E-Piano, unterstützt von gehauchten Pads und Flöten. Kaum wahrnehmbare Perkussion, gelegentliche Synthlinien, sehr ruhig und New Agey.




Relax your soul with this Ambient New Age and Psychedelic-Abstract track. With a guitar riff which makes this song spatial. You can listen to a guitar, a pad synth and ethnic Asian drums.

17 Gemafreie Musiktitel
54 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1     von 3