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One in a series of 7 short dramatic, news tv, documentary tracks. High impact, intense, dramatic jingles, highly suitable as TV programme opening sequences, intros, splash screens, product introductions, sports and action footage, reality TV and more.


Four Of A Kind


Jazzy Soul-Funk mit großen Bläser Linien. Frech, cool, up-front und optimistisch. Big Band Jazz, sehr gut geeignet für positive und Spaß-Programme, wie eine Quiz-Show, Game-Show, Talk-Show oder eine andere anspruchsvolle Fun-Show, Spiel, Präsentation, etc.

Aus einer Serie von 7 kurzen und dramatischen News- oder Dokmentar-Tracks. Sehr effektvolle, intensive und dramatische Jingles für TV, Anfangssequenzen, Einführungen, Begrüßungsbildschirme, Produktinformationen, Sport- und Action-Aufnahmen, Reality-TV und vieles mehr.

Ein Track aus einer Serie von 7 kurzen, dramatischen News-TV-, und Dokumentar-Titeln. Hohe Durchschlagskraft, intensive, dramatische Jingles, sehr gut geeignet für TV - Eröffnungssequenzen, Intros, Splash-Screens, Produkt-Einführungen, Sport-und Action-Footage, Reality-TV und vieles mehr.

A semi-orchestra, semi-tribal, earthy, mystical backtround / underscore track for fantasy, exploration, adventure and travel. General background use, peaceful and slightly mysterious, but without really being particularly sad, happy, dark, light or emotional. Nice for exploring new worlds, discovery, fantasy games, adventure games, travel programmes, or background use for visual imagery, mystery and mythology, etc. Throughout the 7 minutes playing time there is NO repetition, so you can play this track in a loop for a long time without it getting too repetitive.

This joyous, rousing and boisterous theme evokes an athletic atmosphere charged with jubilation and national pride such as a large gathering, wide open space or sports event. A solid underscore for narratives, title sequences, scene setting, commentary, background and factual information. Glorious, victorious. Sports / events / celebrations. The track will easily blend with Champions Of Africa Tournament to create an entire themed programme package.

A powerful, assertive theme evoking athletic battling forces intent on victory. Suggests dynamic montages of anticipation, competition, hard fought battles, rivalry and sporting prowess. The track will easily blend with Champions Of Africa Celebration to create an entire themed programme package.

3 Gemafreie Musiktitel
14 (GEMA-Repertoire)