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Sehr kraftvoller, dominanter und diabolischer Orchester Track mit Chor Gesängen. Staccato, bedrohlich, genial, überwältigend und majestätisch. Live Orchester und Live-Chor kombiniert mit dem geschickten Einsatz von Samples erzeugt einem großartigen Sound, passend für jede Hollywood-Produktion. Geeignet für Trailer, Action, Krieg, sowie Kampfsportarten.


Blood And Guts


Ein sehr lauter, frecher und intensiver Action-Track, bestens für Fim- und Gametrailer, Kriegs- und Kampfszenen. Hohes Energielevel durch Live-Chöre und klassisches Orchester in Kombination mit Samples und einer mächtigen, stampfenden Perkussion. Drängend, angespannt und sehr dunkel. Steigert sich bis zu einem Crescendo am Ende.

Bombastisch und majestätisch. Geschickte Kombination von Samples mit Live-Orchester und Live-Chor. Dramatisch, Staccato-Streicher und Bläser münden in einen starken Trailer mit einer donnernden Percussion-Section. Steigert sich zu einem Crescendo und schließlich zum eigentlichen Höhepunkt. Sehr gut geeignet für Fantasy, SciFi, Krieg- oder Kampfspiele und mehr.

A fairly hardcore hip-hop / hard rock / industrial music crossover track. Aggressive, dirty and gritty, with downtempo, powerful drums and hard attack guitar riffs. Similar to The Crystal Method and Rammstein. There is an alternative version without the 'Bang goes the drum' vocal samples.


Black Spear


An ominous, majestic and powerful track with live choir and live orchestral instruments cleverly combined with samples and huge, booming percussion. The track starts with threatening ethnic percussion and grows into a gothic, monolithic, spine chilling track. Highly suitable for horror, ritual, fantasy and primal war.


Monster mashup


Dark, ominous, haunting, sinister, groovy track with modern hip-hop/ragga style vocal samples. beaty, eerie, motivated, epic & with a sense of foreboding. glorious, melodic, inspiring, very moody & cinematic. gradually gets more tense until the final, climactic & dramatic tidal wave where big guitars crash in.

cool, exciting, positive, motivating, soulful, powerful, lively, passionate and driven blues-rock groover. big guitars, vocal samples, crowd handclaps & pumping drums combine to make music suitable for car/beer/liquor/cologne commercials or sports/action/thriller type projects.




Warp takes you to another place! This track pulsates throughout with big synths, vocal samples and deep bass. A great dance track that's pumping, lively, confident and hypnotic. Perfect to choreograph dance steps too. Warp is electrifying and would suit any spot needing cutting dance music.




cool, exotic, suspenseful, groovy, catchy, emotive drama-pop track with passionate, sensual eastern vocal samples, tremendous atmosphere & a great syncopated, motivated beat. would suit thriller/travel/action/dramatic type projects. transports you off to foreign lands.


live wire


Intense, monster super-charged modern blues stomper with lots of vintage [and modern] guitar sounds, vocal samples & an undeniably pumping, driving groove. crazy delta/gospel/rock hybrid. irresistably foot-tapping and uplifting. motivate yourself to greatness & get your mojo workin'


still waters


Peaceful, serene, ethereal & sombre track. very relaxing and serene. Plucked strings combine with exotic chanted vocal samples and orchestral elements to make beautifully dramatic music that would suit romantic/dramatic/historic type projects. Has an Eastern European flavour to it

14 Gemafreie Musiktitel
51 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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