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83 Titel mit dem Tag "Sex" gefunden

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14 Gemafreie Musiktitel
69 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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Pure Passion


Sinnlich und stilvoll erotischer Track. Wunderschöner dezenter Groove in einer modernen Produktion mit elektronischen Pads, Gitarren und verträumten Harfen-Klängen. Ideal für stimmungsvolle Videoszenen.

Funky, cheeky house/disco grooves with attitude, Combines some of the 1970's disco feel with house / dance beats of the 2000's and beyond, A bit raunchy, sexy, with a fresh, funky, confident strut, Fashion, hot club, retro chic, sizzling and pumping dance floor,


uncle weird


cool, sexy, smokey,laid back, slightly fun & twisted, jazz-tinged track. soundtrack to a big diamond heist.. or the arrival of your estranged & 'unusual' uncle, the black sheep of the family who puts everyone on edge with his bizarre eccentricities. groovy staccato string bass combines with a lazy feel.


Boogie Night


A hot blooded and sexy, swaying, slow surf-rock track with 1960's guitar style. Very Tarantino'esque. Perhaps a strip bar, dirty nightclub, or just a very hot femme fatale -- Irresistable... but dangerous.




Electro Rock track! 98 bpm amazing soundtrack.The sinth reef with distortion is very hypnotic..guitar distorted reef in background and open-close filter..Cool to use for dinamic videos,chases or action movie.


An Intriguing Idea


(bolero) electric bass & synth bass, chorused electric piano, chinese flute, vibes, congas, clave', maracas, bongos. Stealthy seduction. Sexy rhythm in 5/4 time and alluring instruments draw you in.

14 Gemafreie Musiktitel
69 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1      von 4