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This smooth and soft world-fusion track uses the traditional Indian instrument Sarangi, which is a bit like a violin (although it predates the violin in existence). The traditional role of this instrument is to play in unison with the vocalist, but here the Saranghi has come into its own right, mixed with a downtempo electronica beat, tabla, tamborines and soft pads. A silky smooth, exotic and beautiful world ethnic track, highly suitable for travel, journeys, holidays and vacations in exotic and far-away places. Slightly wistful or sorrowful, but also comforting and hopeful.

A very warm and appealing track. Hard to pin down, with elements of ambient, pop, new-age and urban. Repeating patterns of guitar and electric piano create a dreamlike, textured sonic image. Great for use with visual media, carries a lot of emotion and reflection. A sort of kaleidoscope of sound and music. Thoughtful, unique and interesting. This track is available in many different versions, with or without the high guitar notes, and with or without the drums.


Sparkle Of Hope


Melancholischer und zugleich hoffnungsvoller Titel im Stil bekannter amerikanischer TV Serien. Das Klavier und eine Kombination aus akustischen und modernen elektronischen Klängen ergeben einen organischen frischen Mix. Ab 1:26 großes emotionales Kino mit breitem Melodiebogen in ganzer Orchesterbesetzung ergänzt mit Percussion und E-Drums.

Eine sehr warmer und ansprechender Track, schwer zu fassen, mit Elementen aus Ambient, Pop, New-Age-und Urban. Wiederholende Muster von Gitarre und E-Piano schaffen ein traumhaftes, strukturiertes Klangbild. Ideal für den Einsatz mit Medien, hat viel Emotion und Nachdenklichkeit. Eine Art Kaleidoskop von Klängen und Musik. Nachdenklich, einzigartig und interessant. Dieser Track ist in vielen verschiedenen Ausführungen erhältlich, mit oder ohne den hohen Gitarren, und mit oder ohne Schlagzeug.

An ambient, pensive, and slightly mysterious track with a sense of melancholy and perhaps sadness, or of a developing, unfolding story. The start of a personal journey or self discovery? This piece may also work with projects dealing with loss, grief, love and sadness as well as simply being a strong and reflective piece of music to go well with any drama scene.

A sorrowful and bittersweet ballad available with Hebrew vocals, or as an instrumental. A summary of the lyrics; a queen is singing her lament and sorrow, what good are all my riches, when I am so sad? The track has a Middle Eastern or Hebrew, Israeli feel and background. Lament, loss, sorrow, regret. The Instrumental version is good for background for travel, drama, ethnic mood etc.




A sad and emotional, epic drama soundtrack piece. Softly swaying string sections backed by a full philharmonic orchestra get the goosebumps out. Melodies full of emotion, between dark and light. A sorrowful, single soprano voice occasionally sings out, giving the track an angelic, heavenly, otherworldly feel. Great for fantasy, sci-fi, drama, grand adventures, epic love stories. This track is recorded with a live philharmonic orchestra and choir.


don't leave now


A heartfelt, melodic pop, rock crossover track that starts softly and then grows to a sweeping, emotional chorus part. Intense, romantic, with rock band plus orchestral strings in an arrangement similar to Coldplay etc. Heartbreak, young people, first love, loss, sorrow or just personal stories, soul searching. Would go well with youth drama, scenes of inner turmoil, thoughts and perhaps personal conflict or great love.

42 Gemafreie Musiktitel
99 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1        von 6