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Pulsating and pensive, film, TV-score. Combination of orchestral and electronic elements. A sense of danger, urgency, dire situations. Good for dramatic Reality-TV, film score, movie soundtrack, film trailer or game trailer. Dangerous situations, emergency, build-up to a confrontation or hostile encounter, etc.


Fragile Life


Piano solo with lots of emotion. Poignant chords introduce this slowish paced track before it becomes more rhythmical as the soul searching intensifies. Pretty and calm melodies throughout this delicate and refined soundtrack.


Indian Dream


Busy tabla and Asian percussion give an active and energetic pace to this World Music track. A gamelan accompanies a sax that quickens with intensity as it's improvisation reaches new heights. A really hedonistic feel to this soundtrack.


Rising Sun


Japanese sounding melodies and harmonies against a light rhythm accompaniment give this world music a contemporary-style-meets-traditional-style feel with more than a little respect shown to the past. Light soundtrack suitable for a variety of travel themed projects.


Roman House


A bass clarinet provides the rhythmic undertone along with light percussion backing to this soundtrack set in the murky world of crime. Hiding in the shadows and avoiding detection, this is perfect for any late night robberies and surveillance.


The Dealer


Bass clarinet with melody lines straight out of the underworld create a murky and clandestine atmosphere to this mysterious track. The reedy sounds of the clarinet provide an unusual sound to this slightly strange soundtrack.


The Peace Within


A flute ensemble ascends through the clouds whilst sparkling electric piano notes hang in the air floating on the breeze. This contemplative track will soothe away all your worries as the light soundtrack helps to relax your mind.




Constant rocking of lower notes keep the rhythm going in this delicate solo acoustic piano track. Higher melody lines lift this soothing music which creates a soft and flowing ambience. All purpose incidental soundtrack.

This track has a very atmospheric and cinematic sound created by soft synths, atmospheric guitars and piano. A slight minor feel gives this track a mellow, slightly wistful or nostalgic feel, but very soothing, calming and relaxing. Works for a great variety of projects.


Childrens Play


Bells play and frolic in a joyful, innocent style as woodblocks tap out a bouncy rhythm. This short children's track would be great as an opening or closing theme for a project, or just for providing some fun, light relief in any soundtrack.

109 Gemafreie Musiktitel
410 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1             >] von 21