News and FAQ are now Blog posts

We are now posting News in the Proud Music Blog, instead of being just static. FAQ entries are now written as blog articles as well and allow as such comments and replies by you directly in the blog.

We do hope, to provide an easy way for you to get in touch with us through the blog. We hope to be able to answer open questions about our Proud Music Library, being asked through blog comments, in a short and direct way and/or write new faq entries based on your feedback.

André Schröder produced 23 new tracks for the Proud Music Library!

André Schröder produced some new impressive chill out and ambiente tracks for the Proud Music Library. You can hear his tracks in our New Tracks section or just by clicking here:

Chill Bill (Volume 1)
Chill Bill (Volume 1) Intro
Chill Bill (Volume 1) Intro II
Chill Bill (Volume 1) Var. 1
Fishing 4 stardust
Fishing 4 stardust Intro
Funkylady@myhouse (Part 1)
Funkylady@myhouse (Part 2)
Spacewalkers daydream (Part 1)
Spacewalkers daydream (Intro)
Spacewalkers daydream (Part 2)
Spacewalkers daydream (Part 3)
Spacewalkers daydream (Part 4)
Spacewalkers daydream (Part 5)
Sunny seasons (Intro)
Sunny seasons (Part 1)
Sunny seasons (Part 2)
Sunny seasons (Part 3)
Tales from dreamland
Wading thru the wastelands
Wading thru the wastelands (Intro)
Wading thru the wastelands Var. 1

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.

18 new tracks online by the composers/producers Manuel Kempter, Daniel Altena, Claus Zimborski and Reinhold Pöhnl.

18 new tracks online by composers and producers Manuel Kempter, Daniel Altena, Reinhold Pöhnl and Claus Zimborski. All tracks are royalty free music!

Daniel Altena:
Don’t look behind
Can I take you for a ride?
My poison

Reinhold Pöhnl:
Buy one, get two
Silent Tears
You wonder why?
You wonder why? (Talkover]
Jäger Wild
Rondo Kling Klang (slow)
Silent Tears (HipHop mix)
Silent Tears (BGM mix)

Claus Zimborski:
Between the lines
Different voices

Manuel Kempter:
Doll Shoping
Fall of rome
I don’t reach her
Anuschka the wooden marionette

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.

André Schröder and Oliver Scheffner added new Tracks!

The German composer and breakbeat artist for royalty free music André Schröder added 11 brand new breakbeat and chill out tracks in our online library. Oliver Scheffner produced 2 new atmospheric synth pop tracks.

Funky in space (Talkover)
Eternal emoceans Var. 1
Gazing at the stars (Intro)
Nuclear wasteland (Intro)
Nuclear wasteland
Nuclear wasteland Var. 1
Return to vega
Road to Ixolomania
Starlight seeker
Visiting vega 2082
Wurmlochtaucher (Intro)
New generation (Mix)

You find more royalty free music on our side New Tracks, too.

Can I pay in currencies other than Euro?

Yes of course. If you choose to pay through Paypal, you can fund your Paypal account (e.g. through your credit card) in Dollars, Pounds or any other currency, that Paypal supports. At the moment you will be billed automatically in Euro, the exchange rates will be automatically calculated through Paypal.
If you require an invoice showing Dollar, please contact us.

In short: If there is Paypal available in your country (currently over 100 countries worldwide), you can license music at Proud Music!