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Demotivated 10/11


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44 tracks, not registered with a PRO
228 tracks, registered with a PRO

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227. Homeland 01:49

Acoustic piano solo. Light, contemplative chords give way to slightly more intricate parts. A soothing track with a hint of sadness and melancholy. Pretty melodies and a light touch keep this piece quiet and tender.

232. Magical Lands 03:51

Mellow, warm musical soundscape. Soft pads, acoustic guitar. Slightly wistful, melancholic. Relaxing, quant and pretty, like discovering new and beautiful, peaceful places. A little bit dreamy, dreamlike. Good for background use in games, films, drama etc.

233. Cold and Alone 03:56

Tender and delicate, fragile, with acoustic guitar and soprano sax. Regretful, sad, longing, sorrowful. Loneliness, hurt. Also available in a version with only the acoustic guitar, without the soprano sax

241. Piano Atmos 2 00:27

Mysterious piano in a very modern improvised style creates a gloomy, tense atmosphere whilst cymbals puncture the melodies with crashes and rolls. Haunting and uncertain, this short track is great for horror and suspense.

249. the journey's end 04:48

Steinway grand piano, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric piano, congas, marimba, percussion, celtic harp. We may not want to face it, but we've come to the journey's end. The romance is over and we must say goodbye.

44 tracks, not registered with a PRO
228 tracks, registered with a PRO
           10    of 11

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