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6 tracks found with the tag "Adrenalised"

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6 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Simple, melodic, up-tempo power rocker with loads of lead guitar. The chorus brings in a string section to add to the adrenalised intensity. Hints of Satriani and Foo Fighters. The mid drops to just hi-hats and rimshots and clean picked guitar arpeggios only to slowly build in intensity once more. Contains drums, bass, strings and piles of guitars.


the race


Fast adrenalised rocker with great power and suspense. Think Foo Fighters meeting Green Day at a Black Sabbath hosted Grand Prix. Riffy, punkyand full of explosive energy and surprises. Contains guitars, bass, strings , organ and drums.




A truly drama-filled riff-fest. Would suit a movie car chase or any adrenalised sport project. Right from the groovy ambient intro, big guitars pile in and carry you of into Riffland. The verse drops to a cool bass and drum groove until the chorus part's screaming guitar chords and pumping bass sweep you away with intensity. Contains guitars, bass, drums and strings.


hammer down


High energy, exciting, adrenalised heavy rock track. huge guitars combine with monster beats, dramatic strings & spacey ethereal clean guitars to make a rollercoaster of a ride. would suit action/sports/thriller projects.


Hit the switch


crazy, fast, chaotic, intense, powerful, raucous, driven, wild, adrenalised, frenzied, rocket-fuelled rock track with monster riffs & explosive drums. a brooding groovy intro leads to an all out sonic dynamic assault. would suit action/thriller/extreme sports/combat type projects. can you handle it?

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
6 tracks, registered with a PRO