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17 tracks found with the tag "Beaty"

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17 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Monster mashup


Dark, ominous, haunting, sinister, groovy track with modern hip-hop/ragga style vocal samples. beaty, eerie, motivated, epic & with a sense of foreboding. glorious, melodic, inspiring, very moody & cinematic. gradually gets more tense until the final, climactic & dramatic tidal wave where big guitars crash in.




Happy, beaty bouncey, didgeridoo lead track with an uplifting poppy chorus part. Ideal for cruising along some endless Australian highway..or just up the road the shops. Contains didge, drums, synths, fiddle, bass and strings.

Smooth, cool trip-hop style beats groove as echoey synth pads and talkbox leads float above. Very laid back until the chorus comes where heavy, blunt distorted guitars enter and steal the show. Has a funky yet intriguing feel to it. Contains guitars, bass, drums, synths and horns.




Spacey, atmospheric and beaty. Synth pads and sequences fuse with broken beats and throbbing bass lines to make an irresistible filmic journey to cyber-oblivion. All aboard! Contains synths and drum units.




Imagine being visited in the dead of night by the ghost of a Burlesque dancer or by a post war German cabaret artiste. Meaty beaty big and bouncey. Huge synth bass, brass and jazzy big band groove based drums with a modern twist. Also contains stirring string section melodies. Goldfrapp would be an obvious comparison.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
17 tracks, registered with a PRO