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Harp Night


Tender Flute and Celestial Harp embark on a journey...a quest...perhaps in search of answers to some of life’s vital questions, soon after joined by French Horns, Strings and a Chinese Female vocalist responding with mere resignation - but the Flute still has the Last Word: the question still unanswered.


If We Fail


Romantic hip-hop full of heartache. A cello cuts through a mellow drum beat to create a feeling of loss and sadness. Lighter sounds try to soften the mood until a rasping french horn section increases the seriousness and depressed emotions.


Let go


Beautiful Harp and Tender Cello join with Tremolo Strings and Choirboy Duet leading into a very Sweet, Sad, Sincere and Heartfelt Melody carried by Strings, Choir and Mellow French Horn to an Echoing Weightless Space of Bliss - in Praise of something Big and Wonderful, important, or Past Memories of something or someone Very Dear to you.

Using elements of acoustic, symphonic and electronic sounds, this is a dark and mysterious musical painting with an element of tragedy or nostalgia. Suitable for film soundtrack or fantasy work etc. Sweeping strings. Dark electric piano. Ominous french horns.

6 tracks, not registered with a PRO
17 tracks, registered with a PRO