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Friendliness is an ethical characteristic and is depicted through a pleasant inclination and interest for others. According to Aristotle’s book, Rhetoric, it is a virtue. In many cultures friendliness is valued. Studies have shown that friendly treatment not only benefits the recipient, but also the giver. Being friendly results namely in that neurotransmitters that are released in the brain trigger feelings of satisfaction and relaxation. Being helpful does not (produce, deliver, generate) just any reward to make the helper/giver happy, no doubt the feeling outweighs having helped. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche views kindness and love as “medicinal herbs” in interpersonal relations.

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Behind the Mask


This moody track with Post-rock influences creates a feeling of freedom and width. A warm repetitive piano and groovy drums act as fundament. Different other subtle sounds and discreetly played instruments round off this serene title and create a sense of melancholy.




Potential hit song with beautiful piano melodies, wide atmospheric pads and a groovy beat which is accompanied by acoustic guitars. Also due to the positive, uplifting mood and the warm, organic production this track is perfect for summer, youth, commercials and leisure time.

5223 tracks, not registered with a PRO
10642 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1             >] of 635