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Wacky Races


(Main track). Funny and melodic playtime track. Banjo and accordeon team up with keyboards, double-time drums and occasional whistling to create a fast-moving, thigh-slapping, hip-swinging track for kids aged 2-80. Occasional funny and varied melody licks throughout. This track is great for funny karting / racing or for any upbeat and happy playtime material.

Neu dabei seit: 15.02.2017

Action biased bat race with heroic somber orchestral touch and positive end. Contains numerous musical flight and cartoon elements. Well suitable for Trailers, Opener and halloween greeting cards.


Bat Race

Neu dabei seit: 15.02.2017

Action-heavy, forward driving bat-like Trailer with heroic somber orchestral and driving percussion. Optimally used in Opener, heroic and powerful superhero with your special weapons.

Neu dabei seit: 16.02.2017

The sweet little Christmas dwarf sneaks around the corners and lines the peoples Christmas presents. Perfect for greeting cards and seasons greetings. Loop. No flute included.


Slip 'n Slide


Cool, uptempo kids track featuring house style drums, groovy tunes, 90's 'Korg M1' house style piano chords, melodic bass lines and lots of variation throughout. Highly suitable for a friendly kids action game, racing game or any other fun filled footage for kids and pre-teens.

20 tracks, not registered with a PRO
13 tracks, registered with a PRO
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