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16 tracks found with the tag "Light-hearted"

12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
4 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Happy, driving song with elements from pop, singer/songwriter and country which puts you in a good humor and is very catchy. With acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Can be used for various purposes - everywhere where associations like summer, cheerfulness, light-heartedness and fun are demanded.

Whimsical and light-hearted track with a quirky sense of frustration! Ever tried to complete a task only to fail every time? This is your soundtrack as you approach try number 782! Also works well for moments of confusion or tiredness! Great for documentary, lifestyle and reality shows! Keep Trying!


Summer Friends


Its a light-hearted and warm vibe with Summer Friends! Gentle ukes, piano, marimbas and a subtle accordion create a friendly and laid back atmosphere. Great for scenes needing a subtle but warm tone. Nature, docs, lifestyle would all suit this track. Perhaps even a hint of pirates on their day off!


My Best Friend


Happy track with groovy swing beat. Acoustic guitars, bass, drums, piano, chimes and whistles towards the end create light-heartedness. For children, animals, games, fun and friendship.




Mid-Tempo, Jolly and Light-Hearted Drum beat with Genesis-like sound and feel, Poetic Sprinkles of Choir, Flute, Lead Guitar and Synths breaking out into a Beautiful Chorus after being kept in check by an Ominous Double Bass Line Pursuing and Recalling Happy Times.


Child's Dream


Melodic pop song with bells, strings, guitar, bass and drums, which sounds nostalgic and light-hearted. Good music for childhood memories. Strong 80s flair.

Chilled and positive Electronic/Ambient track, which expresses easiness and light-heartedness. Perfekt for business, lifestyle, science, technique and medicine.

Added on: 28.02.2017

Positive, upbeat good humor grooves with small, light-hearted bell melodies. Perfect for Talk Over, casual games, family-and child-oriented content and explanatory films.

12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
4 tracks, registered with a PRO