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An ambient, pensive, and slightly mysterious track with a sense of melancholy and perhaps sadness, or of a developing, unfolding story. The start of a personal journey or self discovery? This piece may also work with projects dealing with loss, grief, love and sadness as well as simply being a strong and reflective piece of music to go well with any drama scene.


Miss you


Ethnic steady Drum Beat and Big Church Choir opens for a Very Dynamic and steadily developing Orchestral Jubilant Uplifting Groove that sets us into both physical and spiritual motion lifts us to a Celestial Majestic High Point fades out with Tenderness and Solemnity.


Himalaya Hunt


Slow and relaxed in the beginning, this track picks up intensity more and more, developing into a huge orchestral piece that could play in a hollywood blockbuster – full of action and power. An extraordinary track!


Being In Love


Stylish and elegant, this romantic waltz glides along at an up-tempo pace. Piano and orchestra sweep along in a subtle galloping fashion which is emphasised later by short staccato strings enforcing the rhythmic nature of this track.


Rebild Hills Suite


Starwars-Like Main Theme carried along on Marching Snare Drums driven by Twirling and Energetic Strings developing into a Gustav Holst-like Suite reminiscent of his masterpiece "The Planets"... Majestic and Threatening - Huge and Epic - Very Cinematic.

2 tracks, not registered with a PRO
34 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2