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17 tracks found with the tag "Proceed"

2 tracks, not registered with a PRO
15 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Whimsical...Tender orchestral China-inspired Playful Fantasy bridging West and East led by the two-stringed Chinese violin - the Erhu... proceeds playfully through beautiful and heartfelt images upon a dynamic bed of ambient and orchestral percussion supporting the happy and joyful mood




Bass clarinet gives deep staccato notes against a light percussion accompaniment to produce a clandestine atmosphere. Almost comical, this short track is great for thrillers and scenes of suspense if you're wanting to add a bit of humour into the proceedings.


Piano Atmos 1


Free form contemporary piano. Melodies range from deep bass notes to high end treble on the keyboard whilst light cymbal percussion compliments the proceedings. Both parts merge to form a tense ending on syncopated chords.


Lazy Life


Laid back music merging jazz and lounge style genres. A clarinet with a sweet melody then proceeds to solo to the swinging rhythm. Electric piano and walking bass provide subtle backing in this medium tempo track of sophistication.




Soft piano chords lead into a calm melody played by airy synth sounds. A medium pace rhythm helps this light track forward. Melodic lead lines give a strong yet slightly understated power to the proceedings.


Let the music play


Mid-tempo Ambient Drum beat proceeds steadily with Dynamic Energy...a deep discussion about life between Woodwinds and Brass accompanied by Strings, Choir, and Tambourine in a Very Melodic, Melancholy but Also Uplifting Theme - that really starts to is hard but also wonderful: so let the music play.


Chinese Twilight


Commences with a beautiful, fragile Erhu note triggering a deep, pensive grand piano...classical orchestra fading in and out accompanying the Erhu in a kind of call-and-response as the Erhu blithely proceeds within its own thoughts along a journey in a clear quest for answers that remain elusive to the end.

2 tracks, not registered with a PRO
15 tracks, registered with a PRO