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34 tracks found with the tag "Scream"

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12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
22 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Aggressive Melodic Death Metal song with heavy guitar riffs, double bass drums, cool lead guitars and rough screaming vocals. Suitable for all subject matters that demand energetic music!


Impending Doom


Starting like a chase scene, twitchy strings and brass create a dark and mysterious atmosphere. An electric guitar sound screams above a rock backing to produce a dramatic and dynamic theme. Tense and uncomfortable.




A blisteringly heavy guitar riff collides with a solid backbeat shot through with guitar solos and screaming feedback. Extreme sports viewing, car chases or a trip to hell and back...

This tracks blends vintage rock / classic rock sounds with modern styles of playing, similar to the way ‘The Black Keys’ do, The massive drum sounds and screaming lead guitars bring energy to the piece making it perfect for men's shows, masculine type presentations, Big boys with big toys, Lots of attitude,




Soft spacey Rhodes piano with Lesley speaker effect opens this tune. Flute melodies follow then comes a nice lazy drum groove. Think Led Zep's 'no quarter' for vibe. Strings float in over the beat. The mid section moves into new harmonic ground until a barrage of fat, fuzzy guitars gatecrash the party and start throwing chairs around. Frenzied lead guitars have the last word, screaming, soaring and diving. Contains guitars, Rhodes electric piano, flute, bass and drums.




Imagine the devastating power of a Tsunami washing away everything you own and everyone you know. Dramatic, brooding synths build gradually with every second until they are almost screaming at you. At this point a soaring lead guitar takes over and brings the piece to a close.




A truly drama-filled riff-fest. Would suit a movie car chase or any adrenalised sport project. Right from the groovy ambient intro, big guitars pile in and carry you of into Riffland. The verse drops to a cool bass and drum groove until the chorus part's screaming guitar chords and pumping bass sweep you away with intensity. Contains guitars, bass, drums and strings.




Unbelievable electric tension in a live stadium. Audience screaming, sweat dripping, rock band coming on stage to riff out and give the people what they have been waiting. This track is a short atmospheric, tension-filled simulation of that moment.

12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
22 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2