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15 tracks found with the tag "Searing"

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14 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Drama is the name of the game here. Synth sequences introduce layers of fat guitar and a monster drum groove. The intensity keeps rising until it reaches fever pitch in the mid breakdown before a searing lead solo brings things to a close. Contains guitars..loads of them, bass, drums and synths.




Starts with a twisted and distorted synth drone. pounding drums enter and add to the intensity. Chorus part brings monster guitar riffs which bludgeon you into submission.Track gathers in momentum and intensity towards end when searing lead guitar hovers above the maelstrom. Contains guitars, synth, drums and bass.




intense, powerful, driven adrenaline-rocker. unusual guitar chords in the intro bring in drama, tension & expectation. this is followed by big guitars & massive drums. high anticipation. great forward momentum & determination. searing lead guitar. would suit sports/action/adventure/thrillers




Groovy & driving electro guitar track. Begins with spacey, trippy synth sequences overlaid by ethereal clean guitar lead then the chorus brings a pumping beat energized by hefty guitar riffs and searing lead solos. Great music to cruise across the nevada desert by.


sound the alarm


Dramatic, nervous piano arpeggios and melody lines give this track a slightly unsettled feeling to it's intro ... but then a wall of guitars, bass and drums bursts in and brings you to energized life. The cycle begins again only this time with searing lead guitar solos playing over the top.




A lone piano begins a lament, soon joined by distant choirs and a sedentary drum beat. Then emotive strings swell and bring more colour. In the outro section a searing guitar solo says it's final piece. Oh stop crying and buy it, it's lovely! Contains piano, strings, choirs, bass and drums.


Wounded animal


A very dark , disturbed piece. It tells of an unseen malevolence, drawing ever closer to the point where the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Huge down-tuned guitar riffs grab you by the jugular and toss you around till you plead for mercy. The end build-up takes the temperature ever higher to it's searing lead conclusion. Contains drums, bass and lots of guitars!




Ten seconds of synth bass drama hail the entrance of monolithic downtuned monster guitars pile in and the riff-fest begins. The verse section's groove is based on a huge massive bass pulse groove and intriguinly mysterious synth pads. The chorus melds big guitars with a string section playing eastern scales....all quite exotic. As the mid 8 comes, the strings take over and add to the tension. Finally a searing lead guitar enters and plays, all the while building the tension, until the end, when the strings say goodbye.




Pure rock drama! Waves of guitars and drums come crashing in on the intro synth sequence...intensity builds through the verse until the chorus attacks with full on guitars and staccato strings. The last chorus has 2 searing lead guitar solos to up the heat just one more notch. Contains guitars, bass, strings, synth and drums.

1 tracks, not registered with a PRO
14 tracks, registered with a PRO