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26 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Light and light hearted country swing, Somewhat upbeat, but also relaxed and easy-going, with a shuffled rhythm, electric and acoustic guitars -- and a traditional country music feel,


Quirky Shuffle


Quirky and upbeat track that gently builds with ukulele, marimba and percussion. The track has an infectious rhythmic shuffle. Perfect for use in Documentary, Lifestyle, Children or Reality spots. This track will give any spot a relaxed, warm and gentle feeling whilst giving us that quirky edge!

Added on: 22.05.2017

‘Old school’ blues shuffle with crunchy guitar, honky-tonk piano and a warm, live drum sound.




Funky clavinet style synth starts this shuffley groover of a track. Non-stop bounce and energy from start to finish. The mid section brings a slight breakdown as eternal voices and synth pads fade in and out. The huge groove returns as wah wah lead guitar brings the tune to it's big bouncey end.




Groove laden, gargantuan riff-lead track that takes you on a journey. Has a kind of bluesy flavour to the verse guitar parts and shuffle feel to the drums and bass. Plenty of cool, catchy guitar licks and leads and lush piano and strings to add colour. Contains guitar, bass, drums, piano and strings.


bouncy optimism


Very Positive upbeat light track giving a sense of joy contempt and enjoyment . Features piano, contemporary slightly shuffled drum loop soft pads and sound design Imagine launching a kite or a balloon and watching it soar in the big blue sky .or getting that second chance you never expected.


Sunshine Hour


Fresh and light with a sax taking the lead above a simple backing trio of walking bass, electric piano and repetitive drum shuffle accompaniment. Happy and uplifting melodies give you a confident outlook in this laid back track.

5 tracks, not registered with a PRO
26 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2