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uncle weird


cool, sexy, smokey,laid back, slightly fun & twisted, jazz-tinged track. soundtrack to a big diamond heist.. or the arrival of your estranged & 'unusual' uncle, the black sheep of the family who puts everyone on edge with his bizarre eccentricities. groovy staccato string bass combines with a lazy feel.

Smoky lounge chill-out, jazz-lounge. Chic retro feel, with mellow percussion and drums, dusty keyboards, acoustic bass and various jazzy licks and breaks. Occasional jazz flute improvisations. Good for holiday, vacation, relaxing, mellow and chilled urban lifestyles.


Up In Smoke


A cool, relaxed and chilled-out jazz, lounge track. Smooth bass lines, slightly dusty or smoky sound, warm and pleasant jazz chords. Soft jazz guitar solos. Note - this track has some "vinyl ticking" sounds added deliberately, to complement the mood. You will hear some slight scratching and ticking - this is not an error with the file.


Psychedelic Dreams


If a drug trip made music, this is what it would sound like – psychedelic, spooky, freaky! Smoker's delight – you even can hear the bong from time to time, pushing you deeper and deeper into this strange trip through your own brain..

9 tracks, not registered with a PRO
42 tracks, registered with a PRO
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