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12 tracks found with the tag "Theft"

7 tracks, not registered with a PRO
5 tracks, registered with a PRO

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uncle weird


cool, sexy, smokey,laid back, slightly fun & twisted, jazz-tinged track. soundtrack to a big diamond heist.. or the arrival of your estranged & 'unusual' uncle, the black sheep of the family who puts everyone on edge with his bizarre eccentricities. groovy staccato string bass combines with a lazy feel.

Added on: 28.02.2017

Floating pads and mysterious tension paired with modern cinematic bass sequences, heavy hits and a fulminant end. Versatile for intros, trailers and presentations. Reduced version with less driving elements.

Added on: 28.02.2017

Infiltration and espionage in the high security building. Data theft par excellence! Technical synth and percussion sequences as XXL version.

Added on: 28.02.2017

The drone hovers along the corridors and infiltrates the building. Driving, powerful, pulsating bass sequences with numerous electric bass effects and radio operator voices.

Added on: 28.02.2017

Mysterious, exciting and energetic Electro track with orchestral elements and many hitpoints in the modern cinematic style. The intruder in a secret mission in stealing the secret data - the history of the agent thriller.


Dynamic Data

Added on: 28.02.2017

Pulsating, cinematic bass beats with string runs and percussive interjections. Enervating, spherical and exciting at the same time. Perfect for images of data espionage, computer networks, password theft, intelligence and surveillance state. The data hunt has begun.


Data Espionage

Added on: 22.05.2017

The hacker logs in: data theft and espionage in modern computer networks. Cinematic, pulsating basses paired with computer blips, piano and spherical SFX.

7 tracks, not registered with a PRO
5 tracks, registered with a PRO