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25 tracks found with the tag "Violins"

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15 tracks, registered with a PRO

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A grand, epic, romantic piece of orchestral / symphonic film score music. Wide open fields, home lands, personal stories, adventure and epic tales. The piece plays for six and a half minutes and can be used for several different cues, or together as a whole. This track is recorded with a live philharmonic orchestra.




Orchestral piece that has a very tragic air to it. Waves of meloncholy violas and violins that tug on the heartstrings. A beat builds slowly and a simple piano line enters before the chorus swells. Oh stop blubbing and buy's beautiful.


Love conquers


Majestic. Sweeping, full orchestral instrumentation. Very emotional piece.. Male vocals compliment our lady, followed by gongs, and a female choir. The song builds up to a climax, then everything calms, a trumpet sounds, and violins sing of victory, sunshine and happiness... calming and powerful at the same time.

Added on: 13.03.2017

Ominous synths with pounding drums set the scene, while solo violin creates a lyrical and emotional mood. Huge brass section enters at 0:55 to create a massive sounding theme along with violins and booming crunchy drums. Epic in every sense - perfect for a movie trailer.


Kitsch Time


This magnificent (intentional) kitschy piano ballad imitates those cheesy piano pieces from the seventies. Due to its authentic instrumentation and production the listener will travel through time. Back to 1976.


Got to be Funky


Huge, Heavy Drums and Percussion Pads open for a very dynamic and Powerful Orchestral Ride or Chase with a blasting Brass- and Choir-borne theme, sprinkled with Spiccato Violins and Power Guitar joined by Tubular Bells in the Climax.


Never too late


Mid-Tempo Piano-Driven orchestral Suite with Very Classical, characteristic Melody and development - with a Powerful Chorus...Sweet Interludes with Glissando Violins and Epic Flutes.




Ever wondered how it would 'sound' to wave to the love of your life off on a boat journey to the other side of the world, never to return? No, of course not but if you did it could sound like this. Contains violins, violas, cascading piano lines and melodies, hypnotic drums and a trancey synth bassline.




Imagine the sound of the desert as dusk slowly surrounds you. Persian santoor, violins and stroked sitar chord sweeps colour this dreamy track with strong eastern atmosphere. Hypnotic pizzicato strings enter and sweep you off into the night. Contains santoor, strings and sitar.


I'm watching you


Ever felt that you were being watched by someone?.... Your every move being monitored from afar. A Sinister, fevered, twisted and unnerving piece. Contains violins, cellos, xylophones, string plucks and some quite twisted melodies that slowly unfold, creating lots of tension.

Slow, soft, peaceful , yearning and melancholic. Cascading synth pads keep the pulse going as Chinese violins and conventional string sections play restless melodies over the top. Would suit romantic film project. Contains synths, Chinese ehru violin, double bass, drums and percussion.

Varied tempo... Orchestral Cinematic and Dynamic piece... paced and driving ambient drum foundation, soaring violins, full and dramatic orchestral percussion and large choir moving to a hectic climax... concludes in a serene, peaceful way with the choir alone.


Stars Sparkle

Added on: 27.01.2017

Stars sparkle, fascinate, the world starts to turn and we dance. Vibraphone, staccato violins, piano and drums inspire for advertising and great movie scenes.

10 tracks, not registered with a PRO
15 tracks, registered with a PRO