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19 tracks, registered with a PRO

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bass and percussion provide a backdrop for a solid paced groove with a 'city investigation' detective, slightly sinister feel, with some nice organ lead and build at end section.

This amusing & magical leitmotif features lively pizzicato cellos as they tip toe towards a marching Mariachi trumpet line that vanishes into thin air, only to be replaced again by the creeping, mischievous cellos. Hotel Tango is matched in style & character to the other Elliot Simon’s tracks, Another Working Day, The Secret Path, A Midnight Symphony and An Unfortunate Incident.

With a bright & jaunty skip in the step, this mischievous romp pays homage to the golden age of whacky comedy film scores while still remaining ironic & contemporary sounding. The memorable hookline makes it a fun motif for radio & TV ads, cartoons, short films & games. Similar in style & sentiment to Michael Stephen Decker’ ‘An Unfortunate Incident’, ‘Another Working Day’ and ‘A Midnight Symphony’.


The rising son


Genesis-like Orchestral piece with a Very Solemn Feel to it - Although Very Big, Heavy, Rocking... Speeds Along like a Freight Train helped by Big and Dynamic Drums, Epic Horns and Yearning Strings all working towards an Almost Religious High-Point and a Very Appealing and Soothing Chorus

Up-tempo, bright and joyful acoustic guitar country / rock / blues crossover, Acoustic guitars and light drums, with a twangy electric lead guitar joining in occasionally, Homely, cosy, bright and excited in an easy-going kind of way,

This lively & mischievous filmic sounding leitmotif builds from quizzical phrases into busy, bustling orchestration that hurries along with occasional humorous hesitations. Evoking excitement & magic or the busy drudgery of the working day. Matched in style & character to other Elliot Simon’s tracks, Another Lovely Day, The Secret Path, A Midnight Symphony, Hotel Tango and An Unfortunate Incident.

Like the workings of a big machine, this industrial track is regimented, accurate and precise. An inventive rhythm track which sounds like a steam engine powering pistons helps provide the backing for various sections indicating mechanical movement.


Crossed Lines


A mellow bass with light airy melodies and soft accompaniment create an almost futuristic soundtrack. Fuzzy guitars provide a more industrial approach in certain sections. Always a feeling of working machines and automation.


Just relax


Very thoughtful relaxing track with a hint of sadness but also contempt and enjoyment. Features moody piano, contemporary drum loop, soft evolving soundbed, pads and sound design. Slowly working towards a goal comes to mind.

10 tracks, not registered with a PRO
19 tracks, registered with a PRO
 1    of 2