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Chinese Heartbeat


Opens with a stormy hurricane-like effect that sets off a serene heart pulse Chinese gong beat and a melancholic Erhu and violin theme carried along by timpani and clarinet to a very soft and fragile peak achieved by a faint Madison Square Garden crowd choir...a crying out for something or someone - or for celebration... with hope and belief inserted and inspired by a confident and courageous flute... all ending in a harmonious concert of new hope and peace


Chinese Sunrise


Strong Intro. Picturesque. Haunting harmonies... Multimoods: sad, then mysterious, then foreboding, then reluctantly triumphant seamlessly flowing... a hearty, modern sound... seems to constantly solidify the mood of a mix between 20th century music and ancient polyphonic church choir styles.


Chinese Twilight


Commences with a beautiful, fragile Erhu note triggering a deep, pensive grand piano...classical orchestra fading in and out accompanying the Erhu in a kind of call-and-response as the Erhu blithely proceeds within its own thoughts along a journey in a clear quest for answers that remain elusive to the end.


Classic Dance


A big Orchestral Cluster Swirl-up draws us into a Groovy symphonic dance drumbeat carrying a strong, happy, almost epic celebratory melody with hints of Beach Boys - something fantastic has finally been achieved - a Tribute to Victory or that Summer and Vacation are finally here again: time for the beach




Mid-tempo Searching Suspense for the entire orchestra and choir...trying to unveil something, looking for answers within mysteries while threatened by doom - but believing in and hoping for salvation...a quest remaining unsolved to the end


Dead or Alive


Mid-tempo Cinematic orchestral piece with Choir and Crescendo horns and dramatic instruments that combine to create a Mysterious, Mischievous, Wavy feel and mood sprinkled with uncertainty and danger but also a will to Prevail.


Face On


Siren song-like Choir leads into a Groovy steady Ambient Drum pad beat... a very Classical and Melodic theme supported by lush Strings and a potent World Flute takes over, driving the song to new heights... this climbing is joined by triumphant Trumpets before it all concludes on a Peaceful resolved note

451 tracks, not registered with a PRO
1799 tracks, registered with a PRO
           10             >] of 90