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Chinese Heartbeat


Opens with a stormy hurricane-like effect that sets off a serene heart pulse Chinese gong beat and a melancholic Erhu and violin theme carried along by timpani and clarinet to a very soft and fragile peak achieved by a faint Madison Square Garden crowd choir...a crying out for something or someone - or for celebration... with hope and belief inserted and inspired by a confident and courageous flute... all ending in a harmonious concert of new hope and peace


Chinese Sunrise


Strong Intro. Picturesque. Haunting harmonies... Multimoods: sad, then mysterious, then foreboding, then reluctantly triumphant seamlessly flowing... a hearty, modern sound... seems to constantly solidify the mood of a mix between 20th century music and ancient polyphonic church choir styles.


Chinese Twilight


Commences with a beautiful, fragile Erhu note triggering a deep, pensive grand piano...classical orchestra fading in and out accompanying the Erhu in a kind of call-and-response as the Erhu blithely proceeds within its own thoughts along a journey in a clear quest for answers that remain elusive to the end.


Classic Dance


A big Orchestral Cluster Swirl-up draws us into a Groovy symphonic dance drumbeat carrying a strong, happy, almost epic celebratory melody with hints of Beach Boys - something fantastic has finally been achieved - a Tribute to Victory or that Summer and Vacation are finally here again: time for the beach




Mid-tempo Searching Suspense for the entire orchestra and choir...trying to unveil something, looking for answers within mysteries while threatened by doom - but believing in and hoping for salvation...a quest remaining unsolved to the end


Dead or Alive


Mid-tempo Cinematic orchestral piece with Choir and Crescendo horns and dramatic instruments that combine to create a Mysterious, Mischievous, Wavy feel and mood sprinkled with uncertainty and danger but also a will to Prevail.


Face On


Siren song-like Choir leads into a Groovy steady Ambient Drum pad beat... a very Classical and Melodic theme supported by lush Strings and a potent World Flute takes over, driving the song to new heights... this climbing is joined by triumphant Trumpets before it all concludes on a Peaceful resolved note




Mid-tempo, Dramatic, Cinematic and Varied piece for modern Symphony Orchestra, Choir and an almost constant dynamic Ambient Pulsating Drum beat...suitable for all kinds of chases, mysteries, explorations and impending dangers - with solemn spiritual undertones and poetically echoing trumpets.


Fighting Evil


Grandiose intro, featuring big drums, piano, brass and other orchestral sounds... transforms into more mystical mood, an excellent flow... powerful use of orchestral themes and cinematic stabs to emote a series of complex emotions.

435 tracks, not registered with a PRO
1792 tracks, registered with a PRO
           10             >] of 90