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All tracks by Martin Adam


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1. Japan 11:51

colorful Worldfusionmix with a Gregorian choir, the nice lady from Japan tells something about Zen and the art of a taking a sound break not just as empty space, meditative and calming

6. Clubsound 1 05:23

House-organ-bass like in the best clubtimes. Suitable vocal shouts and clap sounds. In short: a picturebook - house track. There are different dense arrangements within.

10. Soulfull 1 05:02

This track convinces on one hand through his atmospheric retro- sound and, on the other through this fat play-along-groove, interspersed with a juicy accoustic-bass

23. Dreamhouse 05:38

Atmospheric Trance theme with lots of little surprises, but remain always straight, vocal fills, subtle percussion and a variable groove, which is constantly adapting to the new changes in the best possible way

25. Formel 1 04:39

Sometimes you can hear the roar of the engines, but more restrained. Tells the story of an outsider on the way to his first great success on the racetrack. Intelligent and pleasantly different

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