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Proud Music Production Music Library


Welcome to the Proud Music Library - One of the world's largest libraries for (also) royalty-free Production Music!

Production Music or Stock Music?

Production music (also known as stock music or archive music) is the name of sound recordings, i.e. finished music productions that are sold to customers from the media industry (advertising agencies, TV productions, freelance editors, cutters, A / V producers, media designers, TV stations, etc.). ) can be licensed for use in film (corporate film, advertising clip, trade fair film, infomercials, feature film, movies or TV series), television, radio and other media. Often the pre-produced music is managed in Production Music Libraries for licensing. The Proud Music Library has over 33,000 music licenses for commercial useages in its content.

In contrast to popular and classical music publishers, who often do not have all the rights to their publishing catalog and only the reproduction and reproduction rights perceive or can be perceived by collecting societies, i.e. just not to grant the manufacturing right, have production music libraries at least the rights to the music tracks, to connect them with another work. Thus it can be licensed without the permission of the authors, as it is necessary in the licensing of music of usual publishers. The granting of rights is non-exclusive. Licensing Production Music is a comfortable and easy alternative to commission a music production with the creation of a recording. Some libraries are based on the current music trend and produce so-called sound-a-likes. In the Proud Music Library, there are a number of chart-ready titles, the well-known pieces were composed and produced - legally, of course.

A wide variety of genres and diversity are the nuts and bolts

Typically, Production Music Libraries offer a wide range of musical styles and genres that allow producers and editors to find what they need in the same library. Music libraries vary in size from a few hundred tracks to many ten thousands. To simplify the search, the Proud Music Library has developed an excellent search mask. Try it out now!

Production music or stock music is often used as opener and / or background music in radio, film and television. Well-known examples of TV series is Monty Python's Flying Circus, which has used extensive production libraries.

You always come back to music titles of the 1950s to 1970s, just to achieve depending on the context ironic and humorous effect. The Proud Music Library has hundreds of songs in the catalog. From 1950s evergreens to 1970s Quizz Show Big Band.

There are numerous independent libraries for production music. For some, you pay an annual fee and can use the content as you like. The remuneration is then settled through a collecting society. Therefore, this model is found only in music that is registered with a collecting society or a Performance Rights Society (PRO).

But there are also non-PRO registered Stock Music. This is also Production Music and is generally licensed on a royalty-free basis under a non-exclusive right and is strictly bound by the scope of use. By simplifying online distribution and better technologies, the online licensing of Production Music has grown dramatically in the last 10 years.

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