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6. Deepest Regrets 01:41

Regretful thoughts come through the lonely gloom in this sad duet for acoustic guitars. Joined later on by a subtle percussive crescendo leading to an additional bass accompaniment, this track is full of melancholy and remorse.

9. Dark Secret 01:13

A mysterious dulcimer full of sadness calls out over an acoustic guitar backing in this dark and foreboding track. Suitable for horrors and thrillers needing an uncertain and unnerving atmosphere. Quite free-form and unsettling.

11. Corporate Fever 02:04

Determined in its approach, this track has a measured and motivated tone. Busy percussive sounds work away whilst an uplifting melody drives you to your next success. Perfect for use as a main theme or as a background track for corporate presentations.

Subtle corporate track that has a great deal of movement. Simple piano chords set the challenge as triumphant synth sounds rise to the top in a winning style. Full of motivation and determination. Great for voiceovers too.

Pianos dance and glide over subtle accompaniment which allows them to provide plenty of pace and movement in this medium tempo track. The rigid, almost mechanical nature of this track make it ideal in industrial and corporate settings as well as in romantic sequences too.

19. Changing Emotions 02:04

Dynamic rock music that has lighter sections contrasting with heavier passages. Always moving at a constant pace, it seems as though the power needs to be unleashed to be able to return to the more subdued moments of this driving soundtrack.

20. Bright Morning 01:15

A calm piano solo which is full of reflective thoughts. A cross between subdued sorrow and a lighter hope, this track always remains tranquil and endearing. Very sentimental with a great deal of love and emotion.

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