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Happy and upbeat pop track with a hint of determined success. This music would be perfect for any projects requiring an uplifting feel without being too enthusiastic and boastful. Subtle achievement is the overall feeling here.

Successful Meeting

Industrial track that has a light mechanical feel. The version of 'Mechanics'. Features a synth brass melody that pounds out the chords constantly in a strictly robotic fashion. Very exact and accurate.

Mechanics (Version 1)

This version of 'Mechanics' does not feature the main chords as in version 1. It does have all the other elements which make it a great background bed for voiceovers and lighter sequences.

Mechanics (Version 2)
10. Teenage Dreams 02:57

Youthful guitar rock that swings between passages of light reflection in the verse to a chorus full of attitude and energy with a loud presence. A dynamic track that is both subtle and powerful.

Teenage Dreams
11. Soft Approach 01:44

A warm and tender acoustic guitar solo great for using for reflective and sentimental moments. A sense of your first love and the expectations and excitement of the emotions you are experiencing for the first time is carried throughout.

Soft Approach
12. Soul Revival 02:51

A soul classic. Electric guitars and bass bop along to the funky rhythm and organ accompaniment. Lively and energetic with a great deal of joy and happiness. The upbeat tempo is strong and uplifting.

Soul Revival
13. Steady Business 02:33

Motivational track perfect for any corporate or sporting projects. The drive and determination builds and grows at a steady pace with an evolving drum track that pushes the piece towards success. The constant busy bassline adds to the desire to win.

Steady Business
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