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22 tracks found with the tag "Carpet"

12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
10 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Exhausted Energy


Like the camera flashlights and the chaos on the red carpet before a movie premiere. Or like a wild chase between skateboarders. From 01:30 ist becoming temporary calm, but only for some short moments.


magic carpet ride


Fun , motivating dancy track with a strong Arabian,ethnic flavor. Plucked santoors play eastern scales and funky rhythms over lush synth pads and fat bass&drums. Very catchy and light but with strong momentum. Climb aboard and soar high over the desert!




Ok, this is a brave one. Imagine going on a magic carpet ride high up in the stratosphere...all the soaring highs and dipping lows over a hypnotically powerful beat. A real journey and an adventure of a track. Dramatic, intense and full of drive and energy. Like nothing else on this site. Would suit action project or computer game. Contains drums, bass, synth and electric guitars.




A rather snakey and slinky track. Makes you envisage far off lands, camels, deserts, magic carpet rides, belly dancers etc. A heady brew of zither, bass, drum kit , zither, string section, turkish oboe, drum loops, electric guitars and piano. The mid section has big change in the mysterious mood but then the undeniable groove returns.

12 tracks, not registered with a PRO
10 tracks, registered with a PRO