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Slow Jazz

14 tracks found with the tag "Slow Jazz"

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14 tracks, registered with a PRO

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Sweet Dreamer


Tender with a hint of sadness, this slow jazz lounge track is ultra mellow. An alto sax plays in a lazy fashion and sometimes sparks into a little more life whilst always retaining a calm composure. Bittersweet reflection.


New Funk


Organ and sax combine with a punchy melody in this medium slow jazz funk track. The tempo is so laid back it's almost falling over, but only adds to the cool and confident strut of a groovy individual at the centre of attention.


Never Leaving Town


Slow jazz ballad performed by a quartet of clarinet, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass. The soft melody seems downbeat but it is really coy or shy in it's approach. Wonderful incidental music for a reflective romantic scene - especially for a silent movie.


Relaxed Neurons


A very relaxed a chilled-out lounge track. Downtempo, almost slowmotion, lazy beats. Slightly jazzy chords and jazz guitar, with distant licks of muted trumpet. Urban, funky and cool. Time-out, mellow days, relaxation, holiday, etc.

0 tracks, not registered with a PRO
14 tracks, registered with a PRO