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Musik von William Naughton


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Light rock / Country rock with a slightly bluesy feel, in a similar style and sound to Dire Straits 'Sultans of Swing', Not the same melody, but a similar instrumentation, tempo and mood, Electric guitars and light background rock groove,

7. Hot Tubbin' 02:07

Gypsy Jazz / Hot Club of France Stil, akustischer Jazz im Stil von D'jango, Vintage / historischer Jazz mit fröhlicher, verspielter Stimmung, Akustikgitarren, Kontrabass, Klavier, subtile Jazz-Drums,

Vintage / classical style acoustic guitar jazz, Easy going, relaxed and somewhat playful, this track is both 'bluesy', happy and romantic, Historical, traditional jazz or Americana, D'jango / Hot club of France, old time bar, restaurant or dance hall, Visions of 1910-1950 New York,

10. My Sweetie Pie 01:33

Old-time jazz / Retro jazz with a ragtime / Dixieland feel, Period 1900-1950, Good for spoofs, retro productions, silent film, slapstick comedy, historical documentaries and more, Banjo, piano, tuba, trumpet, drums and upright bass,

Up-tempo, bright and joyful acoustic guitar country / rock / blues crossover, Acoustic guitars and light drums, with a twangy electric lead guitar joining in occasionally, Homely, cosy, bright and excited in an easy-going kind of way,

13. She Sure Is Nice 01:26

Swinging, classic jazz / retro jazz, This fun and charming track takes a surprising turn after about 40 seconds, with a playful violin enters in gypsy jazz style, Fun and cheeky, Nice for historical and novelty projects,

Up-tempo country / bluegrass featuring multiple acoustic guitars, acoustic bass and banjo, Good natured, country fun, Also good for historical programs, or anything to do with the outdoors, farming, hiking, fishing and nature trails etc,

An acoustic country / folk / bluegrass track featuring acoustic guitar and acoustic bass, Mid-tempo, fun and charming with a real down home country feel, Good for country life, hiking and outdoors, simple pleasures, historical productions and more, Country fiddle joins in as well!

Classic, doom-laden, blues with attitude, Historical sounding, authentic / genuine blues guitar from a bygone era, Think 'O Brother Where Art Thou'; history / retro, perhaps New Orleans / Southern / probibition era, depression era, or older, Dobro / Blues guitars,

17. Fishin' For Luck 02:48

Upbeat and fun country hoedown, Very traditional americana sound with all acoustic instruments including acoustic guitar, upright bass and fiddle, Happy and moderately excited, Great for vintage / historical footage as well as country living, country fun, outdoor activities, fishing, hiking etc,

19. Falling Leaves 01:31

Traditional acoustic guitar jazz, with a slight Latino feel, Rhythmic guitar strumming, acoustic guitar lead and sparse percussion, Vintage acoustic feel-good jazz, Laidback, playful and moderately upbeat,

Somewhere between light rock, pop and country, this track features acoustic guitars and electric guitars, subtle drums and bass, Uptempo, but not too energetic, this track sounds and feels a little bit like some of the works of UK rock band Dire Straits, Good for media use / outdoor features / country hiking, hobby, fishing, outdoor adventures and much more,

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