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10029 Gemafreie Musiktitel
22956 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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A didgeridoo sample repeats over and over inducing a hypnotic state as light percussion dances around in this atmospheric track. Simple and effect it really produces a feeling that you're in the Outback.

The first movement of this instantly recognisable piano sonata starts off quietly to set a calm, delicate and slightly melancholic tone. As the emotions rise and fall, the intensity swells and diminishes gracefully. The Piano Sonata No. 14 op. 27 no. 2 in C sharp minor by Ludwig van Beethoven, completed in 1801, is also known as the Moonlight Sonata. Beethoven himself gave his work the nickname Sonata quasi una Fantasia ("... quasi a fantasy"). The term "Fantasia" refers to the unusual sequence of movements of the sonata. This explains the untypical tempos of the respective movements for the conventional sonata form. The work does not have a first (fast) movement in sonata form, which sonatas of this period usually contain. It begins with an Adagio, followed by a more lively Allegretto with Trio, followed by a fast, highly dramatic Finale, which has the structure of a sonata-form. What is striking here is that the tempo increases from movement to movement. Franz Liszt characterized the piece by describing the second movement as "a flower between two abysses".

Bombastisch und majestätisch. Geschickte Kombination von Samples mit Live-Orchester und Live-Chor. Dramatisch, Staccato-Streicher und Bläser münden in einen starken Trailer mit einer donnernden Percussion-Section. Steigert sich zu einem Crescendo und schließlich zum eigentlichen Höhepunkt. Sehr gut geeignet für Fantasy, SciFi, Krieg- oder Kampfspiele und mehr.

11. Arise from Ashes 01:19

Epic and sweeping cinematic track that starts mysteriously and ominously, then builds to glorious crescendo and finally develops into a staccato, hammering, powerful orchestral trailer track. Great material for film trailer, fantasy or sci-fi action, war or conflict, hard hitting sports footage and much more. Live orchestral instruments and live choir singers, combined with clever use of samplers to create a huge sound.

Eine positiver, treibender Hard Rock Track. Punchy Metall-Riffs, Uptempo-Schlagzeug, gelegentlich schnell mit verzerrten Synthesizer-Arpeggios. Sehr erhebend und anregend, geeignet für Extrem-Sport, Hardcore-Rennen, schnelles und unterhaltsames Filmmaterial, Stunts und vieles mehr.

A dark and ominous piece with heavy use of the Taiko drum and japanese, chinese Gong. No melody, all percussion. Martial Arts, Japanese triads, dark, foreboding, military, historical, impending battle. Chase scene, etc.

10029 Gemafreie Musiktitel
22956 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1             >] von 1320

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