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687 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1913 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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5. The Duck Race 03:16

A gypsy jazz two-beat tune that's perfect for a lowspeed race, not quite tortoise-slow or hare-fast but more like a gaggle of ducks slowly vying for position, Features piano, marimba,flute, acoustic bass and acoustic guitar.

8. Chase The Moment 05:13

Dark, mysterious, hypnotic ambient electronic piece with trippy atmospheric rhythm track, obscure, ethereal chords/pads, repeating acoustic guitar loop/riff, and shamanic vocal chants in the distance. Good 4 nature docs, mysteries, sci-fi, cultural, travel and space visuals.

9. pipe dream 04:17

soft, dreamy, spacey, tender, moving & peaceful atmospheric dreamscape. like floating on fluffy clouds miles above the earth, not a care in the world. would suit fantasy,romantic dramatic projects. contains organ,mellotrons,piano & drums

A varied track which goes through various movements; some serene and romantic - others dark and menacing. Japanese Taiko drums, Shinmue, Koto, and Waterphone. This track goes through many different sections of Japanese inspired music.

19. Helios 02:03

An epic, grand sounding track with a slight Greek, Oriental, Eastern or "Ancient World" feel. Ethnic, exotic, and dangerous. The first 45 seconds or so are rather pensive, before it builds up into a grand, sweeping, majestic and exciting piece. Good for dramatic trailers, dramatic scenes, grand, wide open spaces of Arabia, Egypt or ancient Greek etc. Picture ancient warriors on the warpath, or a dangerous situation building...

Sehr friedlich und harmonisch eröffnet das Stück mit Chor, Harfe und Flöte. Bewegt und abwechslungsreich führt das Lied den Hörer im Lauf durch eine fantastische Welt fernab unserer Zeit, Ein Wald voller Elben und anderer Fabelwesen. Warme Themen, ein Wechselspiel verschiedener Flöten, hoher Wohlfühlfaktor.

687 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1913 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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