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2223 Gemafreie Musiktitel
5918 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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Heroic Quest


Written in the style of epic heroic action films and recorded with a live orchestra. The main themes are played and restated as the music builds through the use of varied orchestral colors and frequent, exciting key changes. Rousing big finish.




This track sounds like the ingredients Reggae, Acoustic and Pop have all been mixed within a summer dish to create this joyful soundtrack. With influences such as Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, this track is a beautiful uplifting track.


Fire Funk


A rough and determined, gritty crossover of Rock, Funk, Electro and Hip-Hop. Slamming funk drums, a biting guitar riff and occasional squelchy synth riffs come together in a sort of urban "big beat" funk-rock. Good for chase, metal & glass, destruction and fighting, car race / car chase, tough guys, rough sports and action, action-filled undercover operation, etc.


Dacha Polka


Uptempo Polka im russisch oder jüdischem Stil. Akkordeon, Bouzouki und Stimmen vor Nylon-Gitarren, Bass und Schlagzeug. Könnte ein jüdisches Fest, tradtionelle griechische oder russische Folklore, Zigeunermusik oder osteuropäische Volksmusik sein. Auch als Underscore-Version erhältlich, ohne die melodieführenden Hauptinstrumente, nur mit dem Background Groove.


Arise from Ashes


Epic and sweeping cinematic track that starts mysteriously and ominously, then builds to glorious crescendo and finally develops into a staccato, hammering, powerful orchestral trailer track. Great material for film trailer, fantasy or sci-fi action, war or conflict, hard hitting sports footage and much more. Live orchestral instruments and live choir singers, combined with clever use of samplers to create a huge sound.

Electric guitars and exotic percussion fused with traditional orchestral sounds evoke a dark, intense mood of heightened suspense in this rhythmically driving soundtrack. Good for scenes depicting urgent danger, challenge or risk.

2223 Gemafreie Musiktitel
5918 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1             >] von 326

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