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Schnell Bis Sehr Schnell 1/108


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709 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1978 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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2. Steel Claws 01:10

Urgent and dramatic action cue, suitable for chase or battle scene, military conflict, combat sports, action movie trailer or other high impact footage. Live orchestra combined with sampled percussion and fast congas patterns creates a sense of desperate urgency and struggle. Chaos and destruction.

13. The Great Frontier 02:05

A melodic orchestral theme with a percussive, upbeat, and celebratory feel. This piece hearkens back to the cowboy themes of the Golden Age of Hollywood Western movies. The piece would work well as a title track or main theme for a Western themed production, or in a scene featuring celebration or revelry.

14. Blood Money 01:21

Punk / Rock / Up-Tempo. This track puts you in the middle of a crowd at a live Punk-Rock gig. The slow paced intro is only a taster of whats to come. Once it kicks in, prepare to rock out! Wild and punky.

18. Rock And Roll 01:07

Video game music. It's a background soundtrack for a level. Reminds 8bit style games with its vintage, electronic and happy sound. Can be used in any internet, web, flash project, commercial, tv program, film, movie and anything positive and happy.

23. Flamenco Dream 02:21

Gefühlvoller Flamenco (Rumba), der ruhig und leicht melancholisch beginnt und sich zu einem Vollblut Flamenco Song entwickelt, mit rassiger spanischer Akustik Gitarre, akustischem Bass, Kastagnetten, Hängeklatschen (Palmas), Shaker und Schlagzeug. Hervorragende Hintergrundmusik für Dokus über Spanien oder Mallorca.

24. holy war 02:51

Moody, vibrant, ethereal, exotic & lively Eastern dramatic track with great tension & underlying sadness & hope. spacey ethnic strings combine with frantic percussion & vocal chants to produce a powerful brew with awesome Middle-Eastern/Arabian flavour & rhythmic grace. would suit documentary/news/cinematic

709 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1978 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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