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181 Gemafreie Musiktitel
117 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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A beautiful, flowing introduction leads us into a magical fantasy. Sweet and tender, this is the first of Debussy's 'Deux Arabesques'. Written in E major and played at a slow tempo it gives a regal, emotional tone. Widely used in popular culture such as in TV themes and advertising. It has also been sampled by Alicia Keys and used in the video game 'Final Fantasy V'.

A waltz for solo piano which conjures up images of Paris and popular song around 1900. The title translates into, 'I Want You', and reflects the sentimental nature of the track. A wonderful backdrop for European productions.

Slow, ('Lent' in French), and free-flowing, this track evokes an almost daydream like state. This is the first of three works to be given the name Gnossienne name by Erik Satie to reflect this new style of composition.

One of Chopin's twenty four preludes which starts very quietly. A note repeats like the pitter-patter of raindrops. A more intense section rises like a heavy storm shower before fading away to leave us with the soft sound of the light raindrops again.

Gymnopedie No.2 has an aura of sombreness about it. 'Lent et triste', (slow and sad), is the instruction to the player. Very atmospheric with a feeling of calm resignation. Huge amounts of space in the composition for thoughtful reflection.

The third in a series of highly expressive and free-flowing compositions by Satie is again at a slow pace like the first one. This gives the track a sombre and hypnotic quality. Creates an almost haunting atmosphere.

The second Gnossienne has the instruction, 'avec ?tonnement', (with astonishment), to instruct the player to play slightly faster than the other two pieces. Still has lots of space and freedom of expression.

Das weltbekannte und wohl populärste Werk der klassischen Musik von Ludwig van Beethoven - Ode an die Freude - hier in einem reinen, gefühlvollen Streicher-Arrangenment.

24. The Garden Path 02:43

Ein süßlich-zartes Solo-Piano Stück. Wenige, aber einfühlsame Noten, wie Regentropfen auf dem Wasser. Sanft und leicht, mit einem naiven und unschuldigen Unterton, sowie einer melancholischen und reflektierenden Seite. Romantische, liebevolle, ruhige und schöne Piano-Musik.

181 Gemafreie Musiktitel
117 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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