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Sentimental 1/92


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545 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1734 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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A melancholic and somewhat enchanting piano led ambient track backed up by strings, glockenspiel and synths. A simple piano phrase is gradually added to and developed into a sensitive and rich sounding piece of music. Fantasy, Wonder, Magical, Storytelling.

Clean guitars with lots of reverb and delay create an open and airy feel to this progressive rock track. Later on, the piece builds with drums, more guitars and bass to a powerful and emotive climax. Aspirational, inspirational, hope, hopeful, emotional.

Sehr friedlich und harmonisch eröffnet das Stück mit Chor, Harfe und Flöte. Bewegt und abwechslungsreich führt das Lied den Hörer im Lauf durch eine fantastische Welt fernab unserer Zeit, Ein Wald voller Elben und anderer Fabelwesen. Warme Themen, ein Wechselspiel verschiedener Flöten, hoher Wohlfühlfaktor.

13. I've Found You 03:01

A gentle and poignant acoustic pop track. A piano lead is backed up by acoustic guitars, drums, soft synths and a beautiful violin section towards the end. Romantic and thoughtful with a feel of true love and happiness. Great for film, tv, commercials and more.

22. From Night To Dawn 03:22

Piano music. A track with a constant musical pulse - moving and pulsing throughout. Different pianos sweep in and out, creating an ominous and peaceful mood. A soulful and serene piano duet. Introspective and curious.

545 Gemafreie Musiktitel
1734 (GEMA-Repertoire)
 1             >] von 92

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