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72 Gemafreie Musiktitel
225 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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A charming, fun and happy track based on acoustic guitar and whistling. Care free, relaxed, easy going and casual, like a pleasant stroll. Taking it easy, enjoying life's simple pleasures, feeling supremely relaxed and at ease. Excellent track for hiking, strolling, gardening, or any off-beat, relaxed film, commercial, advertising, and much more. There is also an alternative recording where another acoustic guitar melody replaces the whistling.

Blue Eyes (Whistle full length version)
10. heavens above 03:43

Didgeridoo lead groover. Didge combines with dulcimer, strings and a laid back groove to produce an intriguing, hypnotic track with an air of mystery to it. The mid part brings in another colour and dimension through use of spacious and emotional vocals lines.

heavens above
15. Reaching Out 03:26

Ein entspannender und eklektischer Groove, warme und laidback gespielte Gitarren Melodien mit einem Hauch von Jazz. Hinzu kommen indische Sitar und Tablas die dem ganzen ein symphatisches und munteres Ethnic -Feeling geben.

Reaching Out
72 Gemafreie Musiktitel
225 (GEMA-Repertoire)
1 >] von 12