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4152 Gemafreie Musiktitel
5479 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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A beautiful, flowing introduction leads us into a magical fantasy. Sweet and tender, this is the first of Debussy's 'Deux Arabesques'. Written in E major and played at a slow tempo it gives a regal, emotional tone. Widely used in popular culture such as in TV themes and advertising. It has also been sampled by Alicia Keys and used in the video game 'Final Fantasy V'.

Debussy - Arabesque No.1 (L.66 number 1) - Gemafreie Musik

Mid-tempo, rich and lush ambient electronica with a downtempo electronica beat and a deep bass groove. This is a pretty long track at over 8 minutes featuring varied parts throughout. Somewhat magical, floaty and 'otherworldly'. Could be good for ice caps, space flight, space imagery, underwater footage, flying / traveling, technology and science, visual presentations of many types.

Ice Planet (No Drums version)

Entspannter, Ambient Piano Track mit vereinzelten akustischen Gitarren und sanften Pads. Melancholisch, zärtlich, impressionistisch, einladend. Zeit für ruhiges Nachdenken. Semi-Klassik, errinnert an die Werke von Erik Satie und Brian Eno. Auch als Alternativ-Version ohne Pads erhältlich, nur mit Piano und Gitarre.

Ambient Singularity

 This track is perfect for a commercial spot with its friendly, upbeat and positive nature. Piano leads the track with light stabs accompanied by hand claps, ukelele, glockenspiel and mandolin. The track creates a wonderfully friendly atmosphere and is available in full, 1min & 30sec. Popular in ads!

Upbeat Piano Commercial
24. Radiate (2nd Alt.) 01:11

Bright and happy, uplifting 80’s motivational music with a positively euphoric mood that is ideal for inspiring presentations, upbeat commercials, joyful children’s programs, feelgood entertainment shows or any positive, uplifting media project.

Radiate (2nd Alt.)
4152 Gemafreie Musiktitel
5479 (GEMA-Repertoire)
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