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197 Gemafreie Musiktitel
367 (GEMA-Repertoire)

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11. luminescence 02:35

soft, slow, dreamy, tranquil, meditative, thoughtful, ethereal, spacey & peaceful track which combines simple harp arpeggios with lush strings & ethereal vocal chants. very serene & relaxing. would suit romantic/documentary/dramatic/history type projects

16. holy war 02:51

Moody, vibrant, ethereal, exotic & lively Eastern dramatic track with great tension & underlying sadness & hope. spacey ethnic strings combine with frantic percussion & vocal chants to produce a powerful brew with awesome Middle-Eastern/Arabian flavour & rhythmic grace. would suit documentary/news/cinematic

holy war

An upbeat, positive and raunchy 'bubblegum pop' track. Catchy and funky with multiple synth lines. Also available in a 'vocal version' with a funky scat, rap. Youth culture, teenage, pop culture, dance, dancing etc.

She's Sexy (Vocal version)
20. heavens above 03:43

Didgeridoo lead groover. Didge combines with dulcimer, strings and a laid back groove to produce an intriguing, hypnotic track with an air of mystery to it. The mid part brings in another colour and dimension through use of spacious and emotional vocals lines.

heavens above

Huge, epic and soaring track with full orchestra and choir. A strong, slow, pulsating rhythm, lifted by a glorifying, majestic choral chant, almost fanfare like. Rise of a hero or warrior, or the arrival of a majestic, overwhelming horde or fleet etc. Great for fantasy, adventure, scifi, trailers, sports trailers etc. Also available in a 'no choir' mix as well as a 'rock mix' with extra power.

Divine Power (Rock Mix)
24. Sunny rain 02:00

Ein sehr zarter Walzer mit einem besengeschlagenen Drumgroove, Vibraphone, Piano und Hintergrund-Vocals. Es war ein schöner Sommertag, als plötzlich Regentropfen von einem Himmel fielen, der immer noch im strahlenden Sonnenlicht leuchtete.

Sunny rain
197 Gemafreie Musiktitel
367 (GEMA-Repertoire)
1 >] von 23